C. diff Risk


Oral Bioavailability


Approximate Cost

$2-3/day (Oral)


Daily Dose: 2 - 4 mg/kg/day

Maximum Daily Dose: 200 mg

Dosing Frequency: PO/IV divided BID or q12h

IV therapy is only available through the Special Access Programme of Health Canada

General Information

First Line Indications

Doxycycline is usually contraindicated in children under 8 years of age. However, consideration should be given to using doxycycline in persons under 8 years of age if it is the optimal therapy for specific infections. Infectious Diseases consultation can be obtained to discuss these issues.

Oral Liquids

Concentration: 5 mg/mL (compounded)

Taste: Unpleasant taste

Not all strengths of oral liquids are listed nor be available on the CHEO Formulary

Tablet/Capsule Strengths

  • 100 mg

Tablets or capsules are preferred especially over an unpleasant tasting oral liquid.

Not all strengths of oral tablets/capsules are listed and they are not all available on the CHEO Formulary.