Salmonella typhi or Salmonella paratyphi


Contact Precautions
Contact Precautions

General Information

Pathogen information

Aerobic gram negative rod


Humans are the reservoir - fecal-oral transmission.

Increased prevalence in developing countries.

Highest prevalence South Asia

Associated syndromes

  •  Fever in Returning Traveler

  •  Enteric fever

  •  FUO

  •  Bacteremia

  •  Intra-abdominal abscess

  •  Meningitis

  •  Endovascular infection including endocarditis.

Additional Information

Contact Precautions until normal stools

Vaccination only prevents ~75% of disease.

Chronic carriage associated with gallbladder disease - think "Typhoid Mary"

Notify Medical Officer of Health (Reportable)