Dose of Antibiotics


Please see the following sections for appropriate dosing of each antibiotic.

Weight Based Dosing

We recommend weight based dosing for:

  • 2gm for patients <120 kg

  • 3gm for those > 120 kg

  • 1gm for patients <120 kg

  • 2gm for those > 120 kg

Except for orthopedic open fracture procedures in which all patients will get 2gm.

  • 1gm for patients <80 kg

  • 1.5gm for patients 81kg-120 kg

  • 2gm for patients >120 kg

5mg/kg ideal body weight (adjusted body weight for obese patients or actual body weight in patients whose actual body weight is less than their ideal body weight) with a MAX dose of 500mg.