Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Airborne Precautions (N95)
Airborne Precautions (N95)

General Information

Pathogen information

Acid fast bacillus


Latent disease believed to affect >20% of world population. Prevalence higher in developing nations and mimics HIV/AIDS distribution

Associated syndromes

Pulmonary - cavitating pneumonia, upper lobe pnuemonia, occasionally miliary

Extrapulmonary including lymph node disease, CNS infection, osteomyelitis (Potts), peritoneal and others.

Additional Information

Consult Clinical Epidemiology/Infection Prevention for ALL cases of confirmed or suspected TB.

Airborne Precautions for pulmonary/laryngeal disease (confirmed or suspected).

Airborne/Contact precautions for draining lesion (including scrofula).

For suspect cases, keep on Airborne Precautions until 3 negative AFB smears are obtained; no sooner than q8h apart (with one early morning specimen).

Note that patients with active TB may NOT be discharged from the hospital without permission from LA County Department of Public Health. Clinical Epidemiology & Infection Prevention will assist.

Caseating granulomas on pathology

MDR includes Rifampin and Isoniazid resistance