Enterobacter aerogenes


See 'Additional Information'
See 'Additional Information'

General Information

First Line Treatment

  • Cefepime

  • Carbapenem

Alternate Treatment

  • Fluoroquinolone


  • Piperacillin/tazobactam

  • Aminoglycoside

  • Tigecycline

  • Aztreonam

Pathogen information

Fermenting Gram negative rod, of the Enterobacteriaceae family


GI flora, especially in hospitalized patients.

Infection usually in nosocomial setting.

Associated syndromes

Nosocomial infections

  • ¬†Pneumonia (HAP)

  • UTI

  • ¬†Wound infections

  • Prosthetic device and line infections

Additional Information

Contact precautions if resistant to meropenem or imipenem (CRE)

Infectious Diseases consult is advised for serious infections due to Enterobacter

"Double coverage" with two antibiotics from different classes is recommended until susceptibilities are known. Once susceptibilities are known, there is no evidence that continuing two antibiotics improves outcomes or decreases emergence of resistance.