Treatment Notes

Most Common Pathogens

Gram-negative bacilli

Yeast (Candida sp.)

Catheter Salvage

Catheter removal is STRONGLY recommended for infections with S. aureus, yeast, and Pseudomonas, as the chance of catheter salvage is low and the risks of ongoing infection can be high.

Infected catheters should never be exchanged over a wire.

Catheters associated with tunnel infections CANNOT be salvaged and must be removed.

Catheter salvage can be considered in CLABSI caused by coagulase negative staphylococci if the patient is clinically stable.

When catheter salvage is attempted, antibiotics should be given through the
infected line.

Duration of treatment for catheter salvage is similar to duration of treatment when the catheter is removed.

Antibiotic lock therapy, in which an antibiotic is infused into the catheter and left in place, can be considered in the treatment of tunneled catheter infections due to less virulent pathogens such as CoNS. Infectious Diseases consult is advised.