Non-Purulent Infections


  • Typical cases of cellulitis in patients without systemic signs/symptoms of infection should include antimicrobial treatment targeting streptococci, particularly Group A streptococci

  • Other streptococcal species may also be present.

  • For cellulitis in patients with systemic signs of infection (moderate), systemic antibiotics are indicated, targeting Group A streptococci.

  • Cellulitis associated with penetrating trauma, MRSA infection elsewhere, IV drug use, SIRS, oral antibiotic failure, etc.

  • Antimicrobials targeting BOTH streptococci and MRSA are indicated.


The following regimens include coverage for MSSA, community-acquired MRSA (CAMRSA), and streptococci.

Coverage for Gram negative organisms is unnecessary except in very specific patient populations (see “Other causes” link below).

For mild non-purulent cellulitis, cephalexin monotherapy is likely sufficient.