Infection Control

For Patients

All individuals with suspected influenza infection should be placed on Droplet Precautions. When outside their room (e.g. during transport) patients should wear a mask.

For Healthcare Workers

All heathcare workers are required to receive the influenza vaccine yearly per Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health. Healthcare workers who refuse to be vaccinated must wear a mask when providing patient care per hospital policy.

All healthcare workers, as well as family/visitors must wear a surgical mask while caring for patients with confirmed or suspected influenza. These precautions should be maintained until it is determined that the cause of symptoms is not an infectious agent that requires Droplet Precautions.

Employees who are febrile or have flu-like symptoms during flu season should stay home. If they become sick while at work, they must go to Occupational Health Services.

Employees who have cold symptoms, such as cough and runny nose, should stay home. It is NOT permitted, nor safe, to wear a surgical mask during patient contact in an effort to avoid transmission to patients.