C. diff Risk


Oral Bioavailability


Approximate Cost

IV-$15/d PO-$3/d

Spectrum Of Activity


Renally cleared, requires dosage adjustment with changes in renal function. Consult a pharmacist for renal dosing

Daily dose of fluconazole is the same for oral and IV administration unless otherwise specified

General Information

Common Usage

  • Candida infections both mucocutaneous and invasive - i.e. Candidemia

  • Cryptococcus and Coccidioides infections

  • Antifungal prophylaxis in immunocompromised

Drug Monitoring

Consider QTc monitoring if concomitant drugs affecting the interval or elevated baseline measurement

Adverse Effects

  • QTc prolongation

  • Hepatic enzyme abnormalities

  • Rash

  • GI upset

Major Interactions

Many via CYP450 - suggest review interactions with pharmacist.
Risk when combining with other QTc prolonging medications

Oral Liquids

Concentration: 10 mg/mL
Taste: palatable
Not all strengths of oral liquids are listed nor are available on IWK formulary

Tablet/Capsule Strengths

50 mg tablet
100 mg tablet
Tablets and capsules are preferred especially over an unpleasant tasting liquid.
Not all strengths of oral tablets/capsules are listed and they are not all available on the IWK formulary.


Antimicrobial class: Triazole antifungal

Average serum half life:

  • Premature neonates: 47-73.6 hours.

  • Pediatrics (9 months to 15 years): oral 19.5-25 hours

  • 5- 15 years: IV 15-18 hours

  • Adults: Normal renal function: ~30 hours

Route of Elimination: 80% unchanged in urine; 11% metabolites in urine.