C. diff Risk


Oral Bioavailability


Approximate Cost


Spectrum Of Activity


Renally cleared, requires dosage adjustment with changes in renal function. Consult a pharmacist for renal dosing.

3 Months to 12 Years15 mg/kg/dose IV q12h
Maximum:500 mg/dose

Greater than 12 Years1 g IV q24h

General Information

Common Usage

Targeted therapy of ESBL infections and other resistant gram negative infections. Empiric therapy when broad spectrum of carbapenems is desired without the need for anti-pseudomonal activity

Drug Monitoring

  • Renal Function

  • Hepatic function

  • CBC

Adverse Effects

  • Immediate and delayed-type allergy

  • GI disturbance

  • Cytopenias, eosinophilia, positive Coombs

  • Liver enzyme abnormalities

Additional Information

ID consult recommended. Doesn't reliably penetrate CNS therefore not recommended for meningitis.


Antimicrobial class: Carbapenem

Average serum half life:

  • Infants 3 months and older, and children: 2.5hrs

  • Adolescents and Adults: 4 hrs

Route of Elimination:

  • Non-CYP-mediated hydrolysis to inactive metabolite.

  • Urine (80%(38% as unchanged drug)) and feces (10%)