Ciprofloxacin - Renal Dosing

In the setting of rapidly improving/worsening renal function, calculations of eGFR are inaccurate, and dosing should be based on estimated renal function instead.

If worsening renal function, actual GFR is likely lower than calculated.

If improving renal function, actual GFR is likely higher than calculated eGFR.

0 - 29 eGFR

400mg IV q24h
500mg PO q24h

30 - 50 eGFR

200-400mg IV q12h
250-500mg PO q12h

50+ eGFR

400mg IV q8-12h
500-750mg PO q12h

400mg IV or 500mg PO q24h, dose after HD on dialysis days

400mg IV q12h

500 mg po q24h