Pneumococcal Vaccine Pathway

Patient Assessment

General Information

  • immune status
  • chances of acquiring a S. pneumoniae infection
  • co-morbidities that make getting an infection more risky
  • age
  • previous pneumococcal vaccinations and,
  • when they were given

Vaccines Available

There are two products currently available for use in adults. They vary in their immunogenicity, the strains of pneumococcus they cover, how they can be given and their efficacy in different patient populations.


Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, 2015
Center for Disease Control
BC Provincial Immunization Guide


This pathway is specific to inpatients at Island Health hospitals where both Prevnar 13 and Penumovax 23 are available free of charge.

While this pathway is equally valid for outpatients, outpatient vaccines may not be covered despite being recommended. In these scenarios, a recommendation will provide guidance on eligibility, pricing and where to obtain these products.