IP&C Guidelines


  • Infection prevention and control assists and supports improved patient safety. In order to protect patients and health-care workers and reduce the costs of health care associated infections, it is important to prevent infections before they occur.

  • Not all health care associated infections can be prevented; however, research studies have shown that at least 20% can be prevented through the implementation of effective prevention and control strategies.

The goals of an infection prevention and control program are:

  • To protect patients/health-care workers and visitors from health care associated infections.

  • To prevent the spread of infections from patient to patient, from patients to health-care workers, from health-care workers to patients, from health-care workers to health-care workers and to visitors and others in the health care environment.

Public Health Agency of Canada: Guidelines, Transmission Characteristics, and Precautions

  • Once specific etiology is known, refer to "Transmission characteristics and precautions by specific etiology"