Vancomycin PO

C. diff Risk


Oral Bioavailability


Approximate Cost


Spectrum Of Activity


For C. difficile diarrhea only

PO vancomycin is not absorbed through intact GI tract membranes and should NEVER be used to treat systemic infection.

125mg po/ng/og q6h for 10-14 days.

For Fulminant CDAD

  • 500 mg PO/NG QID

  • ID consult recommended

Intra-colonic dose

  • If ileus present

  • 500 mg in 100mL of NS by rectal enema q6h

General Information

Acceptable Uses

Treatment of LOCALIZED infections of the GI tract (i.e. CDAD)

See Eastern Health Treatment Guidelines for details

Unacceptable Uses

Any systemic infection (i.e anything outside the GI tract)

Common Usage

Vancomycin absorption is minimal when given orally

PO vancomycin should never be used to treat systemic infection and is not appropriate alternative if iv access is lost.

Only indication is in the therapy of C. difficile infection

Drug Monitoring

Possibility of accumulation in severe renal dysfunction.

Tablet/Capsule Strengths

No prescribing restrictions

Additional Information

EH Prescribing Restrictions
None (Pharmacist reviews therapy)

Powder from vancomycin capsules will clog NG tubes. If need to administer via tube, reconstitute vial with appropriate diluent and give via NG route.


Antimicrobial class: Glycopeptide

Pregnancy category: B

Average serum half life: 0 hours

Biliary penetration: None

CSF penetration: None

Lung penetration: None

Urine penetration: None