C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability
Good (70 to 90%)


Immunocompromised or Critically Ill
75mg PO BID x 5 days or longer

75mg PO daily

NOTE: 2018 IDSA guidelines recommends initiation of Oseltamavir for

  • Persons of any age who are hospitalized with influenza, regardless of illness duration prior to hospitalization

  • Outpatients of any age with severe or progressive illness, regardless of illness duration

eGFR 10 - 50eGFR > 50eGFR < 10 mL/minTreatment: 75mg PO q24h
Prophylaxis: 75 mg PO Q2days Treatment: 75mg PO BID
Prophylaxis: 75 mg PO dailyESRD not undergoing dialysis: Use is not recommended (has not been studied)

Peritoneal DialysisTreatment: 30mg PO load then 30mg PO after each HD session for 5 day period

Prophylaxis: 30 mg PO load and then 30 mg after every other hemodialysis sessions for the recommended prophylaxis duration.Treatment: 30 mg immediately as a single dose (single dose provides a 5-day duration)

Prophylaxis: 30 mg immediately and then 30 mg once weekly for the recommended prophylaxis duration

Considerable variation depending on type of renal replacement therapy; limited data for recommend regimens between 30 mg daily to 75 mg BID.

Pharmacist consult recommended.

General Information

Treatment and prophylaxis of influenza

  • GI upset common

  • Rare - Stevens Johnson

  • Neuropsychiatric side effects reported

No significant interactions

Higher doses (150mg PO BID) have not been shown to be superior but may be considered in critically ill or obese patients.

EH prescribing restrictions:

NLPDP Status
Special Authorization Required

Also available 6 mg/mL liquid for NG administration


Antimicrobial class: Antiviral - Neuraminidase inhibitor

Pregnancy category: C

Average serum half life: 2 hours

Lung penetration: Therapeutic