ENT Infections


  • Clindamycin should not be used for empiric treatment due to increasing resistance

  • The listed oral antibiotics have excellent or very good bioavailability

  • MRSA coverage not required empirically except in critically ill patients with purulent head/neck infections including otitis externa

  • Pseudomonas coverage not required empirically except in otitis externa

  • Control the source of infection, and send appropriate specimens to the microbiology laboratory

More Information

  • (1) Pocket Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, 13th Edition (American Academy of Otolaryngology)

  • (2) Infectious Diseases Society of America Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis in Children and Adults

  • (3) The Sanford Guide To Antimicrobial Therapy 2016, 46th Edition