NYC Outpatient Antibiogram


Data presented in this antibiogram only reflects data captured from 20% of health facilities in New York City and may not be representative of citywide resistance.

Data include only those patients in which a culture was collected and a pathogen was isolated. Data may not be generalizable to all patient populations or clinical scenarios (e.g., data may include more complex cases such as pregnant females, transplant patients, or patients with chronic urinary catheters).

Data are restricted to a two-year reporting period and may not establish a trend in resistance.

The cumulative antimicrobial susceptibility report was generated according to recommendations presented in CLSI document M39-A4 and may not reveal some trends in emerging resistance.

This information cannot substitute for clinical judgement, including factors such as history, physical exam, or the careful analysis of the laboratory and microbiological testing from an individual patient (e.g. antimicrobial susceptibility test).

This information cannot be used for emergence of resistance during therapy or empirical therapy of recurrent infections.