Proteus mirabilis


See 'Additional Information'
See 'Additional Information'

General Information

First Line Treatment

  • Ampicillin

  • Amoxicillin

  • Cephalosporin

Alternate Treatment

  • Fluoroquinolone

  • Aminoglycoside


  • Pip/tazo

  • Ertapenem

Pathogen information

Non-fermenting Gram negative rod, of the Enterobacteriaceae family


GI flora, especially in hospitalized patients

Infection usually in nosocomial setting

Associated syndromes

Most commonly UTI, but also causes other nosocomial infections.

Association with struvite stones and persistence within stones accounts for recurrent infection

Additional Information

Proteus vulgaris species is more resistant to antimicrobials than mirabilis

May require Contact Precautions if highly resistant i.e. CRE (meropenem resistant)