cepHALEXin Peds dosing


Cephalexin suspension (liquid) is very expensive and may be cost prohibitive for families.

If cephalexin suspension is not affordable, please prescribe tablets. If part tablets are required, please indicate on the prescription for the pharmacy to split the tablets for patient if required for accurate dosing and for the pharmacy to counsel the family on how to crush tablets or part tablets and to administer with a small amount of juice, jam, apple sauce, crushed bananas or chocolate pudding.

12.5-25 mg/kg/dose PO QID
Maximum: 1000 mg/dose


50 mg/kg/dose PO TID
25-30 mg/kg/dose PO QID
Usual Maximum: 1000 mg/dose
Some experts recommend up to 6 g/24h

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)