Legionella pneumophila


Standard Precautions
Standard Precautions

General Information

Pathogen information

Aerobic small Gram negative bacillus


Reservoir is water- aerosolization by cooling towers, spas, shower heads, etc.

Occurs in outbreaks

Person-to-person transmission not documented.

Associated syndromes

Pneumonia (Legionnaire's disease)

Pontiac fever is a self-limited febrile illness

Extrapulmonary infections rare, but include endocarditis

Additional Information

Urine Legionella antigen available. Only identifies L. pneumophila serotype 1 (~80% of all cases)

Specific microbiology set up needed to grow in culture, needs to be specifically requested (eg, bronchoscopy).

Can be identified by PCR of clinical samples-speak with medical microbiology.