Salmonella - non-typhoidal


Contact Precautions
Contact Precautions

General Information

Pathogen information

Aerobic gram negative rod


Humans/animals are the reservoir (i.e. reptiles - turtles/lizards, transovarial transmission in chickens-> eggs).

Fecal-oral transmission or ingestion of contaminated water/food.

Associated syndromes

Asymptomatic illness

Self-limited gastroenteritis

Rarely: bacteremia, endovascular infection (endocarditis, infected aneurysm), intra-abdominal abscess.

Additional Information

Generally a self-limited illness which should not be treated with antibiotics as can prolong fecal excretion.

Treatment indicated if:
-Age <1yr or >50yrs
-Immunocompromised or on hemodialysis
-Vascular aneurysms, grafts, or prosthetic joints
-Hospitalized with fever and severe diarrhea